Healthy Juices



Healthy Juices

This book is your daily, personal DIY (Do-It-Yourself, Drink-It-Yourself) resource material. Good for natural and also nutritious juices that your family will enjoy.

As  the latest buzzword among the health-conscious today. Juicing has attracted increasing interest from people who would like to live longer and fuller. The book you know hold in your hands is a response to this demand and need for easy-to-read and locally relevant resources.

Healthy Juices introduces to the readers the advantages of taking in nutrients from fruits. And vegetables the freshest way possible. A quick reference, it provides more than a hundred doable recipes for fruit and vegetable juices. And also smoothies and their colorful mixes. It even offers ideas on what to do with the pulp!

Get to know the health benefits of each ingredient and learn the science behind this lifestyle while flipping through refreshingly crisp photos of nature’s bounty. As a bonus, Healthy Juices comes with practical tips covering juicing essentials–from choosing the right equipment to creatively preparing glasses for your loved ones.

So ditch the sodas and sugary beverages. Explore how you can drink to a lighter, more vibrant life!

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