We have a flat rate of 200 pesos for orders from 1-11pcs. We ship through JRS and LBC.

Approximately 2-4 days.

NOTE: The term Shipping is not the same as Delivery. Ship means that we will release the order to the courier, pay the fee, receive and post the tracking number the courier company gives us. ONCE THE COURIER TAKES POSSESSION OF YOUR ORDER, we are NO LONGER responsible for that order. The Courier has taken possession and responsibility for a paid fee to now deliver the order to you or your customer as quickly as they can. THIS IS HOW 99.9% of all online businesses deliver.

Weather, Traffic, Distance and Holidays all affect how fast or slow you will receive your items. JRS is our preferred courier because we believe they are the most reliable. So please take all of these things in consideration.

YES! it’s true, we’re the only Direct Wholesale Supplier that offers no minimum order. But remember shipping fees are shouldered either by you or your customer. We do not offer Free shipping unless its a bulk order.

Yes but you need to buy in bulk, for details simply contact the sales staff

The answer is YES, that is considered Drop Shipping. We will drop ship for you at no additional fee however the shipping fee must be shouldered by you. You can pay the total order and shipment using credit card, debit card or PayPal.


You can pay through REMITTANCES
We accept payment through:
1. LBC
2. Palawan
3. Cebuana
4. ML
5. RD

BDO Hinigaran branch
Hinigaran, Negros Occidental.
#000 490 25 9871
–Kathleen L. Pedrosa

BPI Island Bank
Savings Bacolod City Branch.
#9219 0743 41
–Kathleen L. Pedrosa

Yes we do

Kathleen P. Ameyaw
Address: East Homes 2
Brgy. Estefania, Bacolod City,
Negros Occidental

Credit Card Payments